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Artificial intelligence and machine learning make customer’s voice heard in decision-making – Lumoa

Lumoa uses artificial intelligence to help customer experiences guide an organisation’s operations in real time. The service helps process large amounts of customer feedback by automating the analysis of the tone and contents of the feedback. Lumoa’s solution enables customer feedback to be gathered continuously and in over 60 different languages.

“A typical problem is that many companies gather customer feedback but it is rarely used for taking actions. This is especially the case when there is a high volume of data consisting of unstructured text answers in different languages. Lumoa thrives in this environment and makes customer feedback actionable. We are a Helsinki-based technology startup helping companies to identify and solve customer problems faster and easier than anything you have seen before. Our online service uses AI to help you understand what drives your customers’ satisfaction up and down so instead of focusing on data, our clients can focusing on executing the actions that will actually make a difference to their customers.,” says Lumoa’s Founder Carlos del Corral.

Collaboration with Sysart helped Lumoa manage changes

As a rapidly growing and internationalising startup, Lumoa uses cooperation partners flexibly as additional resources to support its change management and development. Sysart was able to help on short notice to document performed technical service development tasks while improving the reliability of the platform and transferring expertise to a new member of the team.

“While supporting the new team member, we also helped maintain, further develop and perform cost estimations for the new application. In addition to improving documentation and work routines, maintaining production readiness and redeeming customer promises are also important in change situations. Together with the new CTO, we decided to transfer the application from Azure to AWS and to update the backend by transferring it to the Serverless Framework. We helped design the architecture and application in terms of both DevOps and conceptualisation, in which we tested and evaluated alternatives for the different aspects of the application,” says Mikko Airamaa, Technical Architect at Sysart.

The collaboration between Sysart and Lumoa has supported both parties development.

“Sysart has helped our technical development by offering additional resources flexibly according to our needs. Mikko proved to be an extremely professional person who rapidly integrated into the team and company culture. We really enjoyed having him working with us” says Carlos del Corral.

“Working together with Lumoa enabled me to learn about the latest cutting-edge technology. The most rewarding aspect for me, however, was the chance to be part of a rapidly growing and developing startup in which decisions are made fast without any bureaucracy. Everything we did together was really transparent and solution-oriented,” Mikko Airamaa says.

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