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CDK is building the future of car sales

CDK is an international system supplier for automotive retailers. Sysart has worked with CDK as a dedicated supplier for several years already. Our experts have provided flexible support for the development teams at CDK in software development, developing working operations and project management.

Most recently, our senior consultant Daniel Wellner has helped develop robust integration solutions for exchanging information between automotive manufacturers and retailers in his role as product owner at CDK. “The automotive industry is experiencing numerous overlapping disruptions at the moment. Customer needs are changing at an accelerating pace, and the playing field is becoming ever more global. CDK is supporting its customers through these changes by standardising the API interfaces for different products, resulting in an international interface platform on which new services and solutions for large markets can be opened quickly,”Daniel says, describing his work.

“It’s great to take part in building the future of the automotive industry. There are plenty of challenges, as technologies, methods and organisations are developing all the time. But with a skilled working community and an open collaborative culture, we can overcome these challenges,” Daniel adds.

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