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Kensa transfered order system to AWS cloud service

Kensa is Finland’s largest supplier of MDF furniture doors. The company supplies furniture doors for the needs of industry, retailers and construction companies. Located in Himanka, Kalajoki, in Ostrobothnia, Kensa has approximately 80 employees and had net sales of 7.9 million euros in 2018

Kensa decided to upgrade its order system for furniture doors, as the previous order system had reached the end of its road technically and did not allow the addition of the new functionalities that the company wanted.

“We wanted to find a long-term, competent and reliable partner with whom we could modernise and upgrade our order system, also taking into account further development,” adds Kensa’s IT Expert Sami Lukkarila.

New user interface, additional functionalities and AWS cloud service

Sysart was able to find experienced software consultants to help with building a responsive web application implemented with HTML5 and JavaScript. The work also included the integration of the new order system with Kensa’s ERP system. For the server, Sysart recommended switching to the AWS cloud service.

“We recommended switching to the AWS cloud service because then the system would not require the installation or maintenance of its own servers. Updating the application and monitoring usage is also smoother, and the solution also allows for flexible scaling as needs change. Implementing the system in this way was also cheaper than with traditional server architecture solutions,” says Aki Lappalainen, Software Developer at Sysart, listing the benefits of the AWS solution.

Integrating ordering system with ERP system simplifies ordering and speeds up processing

Half a year after the introduction of the new system, Kensa has already seen the benefits in everyday operations:
“The new interface makes it easier for our customers to begin using the service and improves the user experience. The service now allows orders to be placed, processed and tracked regardless of time and place. For Kensa, the service reduces the burden of manual order processing, simplifies the maintenance of user and product information, and replaces old ordering methods. At the same time, it reduces the possibility of errors since information has to be transferred less frequently than before, for example from e-mails to the ERP system,” says Sami Lukkarila, describing the benefits of the new solution.

“From the customer’s perspective, ordering is now easier. The customer can see the final price, whereas previously only the list price was visible in the order system and possible discounts were given only when processing orders. The customer can also place several orders at once, and it is now possible to save and edit order templates, which means that the order does not have to be filled in all at once,” says Tommi Pakkala, describing the new functionalities on a practical level.
The modern system has received positive feedback from Kensa’s customers, and already 40% of orders from customers belonging to the target group are made through the new system. Order volumes have increased while the order processing time has decreased.

Confidently towards the next development leap

By choosing Sysart as its new software development partner, Kensa was able to adopt new technologies and working methods:
“It was interesting to see how Sysart works. We were able to observe their fresh approach and introduce modern and interesting tools. Our collaboration was very effective, our interactions were uncomplicated and relaxed, and we were very much on the same wavelength,” says Kensa’s Financial and Administrative Director Tommi Pakkala.

“The project progressed nicely with the help of skilled professionals using the latest tools. Our collaboration with Sysart went very well. The experience of Sysart’s team was obvious, and the project progressed quickly and independently. The service and the end result were both very commendable,” Sami Lukkarila concludes.

The collaboration between Kensa and Sysart is also continuing with the development of a new user interface also for larger customers that would connect their ERP systems directly to Kensa’s ERP system.

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