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Logisnext Finland Oy: Mobile app for maintenance services

What if you designed your maintenance services in such a way that customers were not forced in the middle of a busy working day to queue among other callers when contacting customer service? What if maintenance services could be ordered at the push of a button?

Logisnext Finland Oy services all brands of forklifts. The company offers its customers the Forklift Manager mobile app that they can use to monitor the condition of their forklifts and order maintenance services. Forklift Manager is part of the Rocla Intelligence digital service package.

When logged into the mobile app, customers can scan the QR code on their machines and see all the maintenance that has been performed or is pending, as well as the service agreements for their forklifts and lifts. The app is also an easy way to order maintenance or repairs.

Transparency enhances safety

The Forklift Manager mobile app was designed not only to speed up contacts in urgent situations, but also to support the safe use of machinery during each and every work shift. For example, the customer can customise the start-up checklist in the app to help operators ensure the safe use of their machinery.

The app also provides customers with a condition and safety inspection report. Details about the inspections and any possible faults that have been detected can be found in the app. Any operator, even without customer IDs, can scan the forklift’s QR code to access contact information for ordering maintenance for that particular machine.

User experiences facilitate further development

To develop its mobile app, Logisnext Finland selected Sysart, with whom it had collaborated already for several years. Direct communication and mutual enthusiasm towards creating the new service accelerated the project.

“Developing this app has been the smoothest development project I have been involved in. The implementation team consists of great experts who work with the latest technologies and also have the ability to discuss the various phases of the project so clearly that it has been easy for us as the customer to keep up to speed with the progress of the development work,” says Jukka Hermiö, Service Specialist at Logisnext Finland.

The app was developed from the start by working in close collaboration with the customer’s product owner and prioritising the development steps together. The app was created on React Native and works on both Android and iOS. The data obtained through the app is integrated into the Service Tool ERP system, on which maintenance work lists and spare parts orders are organised.

“The app was successfully launched within the target schedule and budget. Our goal now is to pilot the app among select customers and then, based on user experiences, prioritise the further development of various functionalities,” Hermiö explains.

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