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New helpdesk – Tecnotree

Tecnotree is a global provider of IT solutions for the management of services, products, customers and revenue for Communications Service Providers. Tecnotree helps customers to monetise and transform their business towards a marketplace of digital services. Tecnotree’s solutions help operators offer individual service packages, improve the customer experience and increase added value in all stages of the customer relationship. The company has approximately 1000 employees that serve around 90 operators in about 70 countries around the world.

New solution to increase flexibility

The helpdesk application previously used by Tecnotree had come to the end of its road, so it was time to update the company’s IT task management system. Complicated and expensive software was replaced with a flexible and easy-to-use system with a user-friendly user interface and first-class maintainability. The service is used for Tecnotree’s internal IT support as well as for external customer service. In addition, the new software is used in product development to manage changes demanded by customers.

Looking for a ready but customisable helpdesk service

When looking for a new cooperation partner, Tecnotree wanted a supplier with a clear and “ready” solution that would fulfil its requirements within a very tight schedule. The key reasons for selecting Sysart’s Requeste service were its external customer portal and price (licensing), as well as its flexibility for adapting to Tecnotree’s own needs. According to Tom Sandström, ICT Manager at Techotree, few solutions offer this combination of benefits.

The new software is used within the entire company and in all 70 countries in which it operates. The customer interface has been further developed to include new features, and the web-based portal has been praised by Tecnotree’s customers. The system’s transparency has facilitated operations in many ways, for example by enabling Tecnotree to monitor the status of customer support globally, either individually for each office or together.

“Our customers now communicate all of their concerns primarily via the helpdesk. At the same time, the service enables us to review the status of customer cases and to update them at a suitable time for them,” says Vesa Marttinen, Support Manager for the European CCBU Unit at Tecnotree.

Making it faster and easier to respond to customers

The new helpdesk has resulted in easy, flexible and quick services. This saves time (and nerves) and makes things flow smoothly. Most importantly, Tecnotree now has the opportunity to measure the quality of service, for example, by examining how tickets open and close so they can be allocated to the SLA agreements of its customers. This means that all issues can be categorised, making it easy and clear to see what types of issues take the most time.

Tecnotree has continued to work with Sysart to further develop its helpdesk system. The cooperation is so tight that entirely new functions have been created based on the needs of Tecnotree.

“I’ve found the cooperation with Sysart very easy and their expertise has been outstanding. We have always received help when we have needed it,” says Tom Sandström. Vesa Marttinen adds: “The work process and product support corresponded to the wishes of customer support and still do. The necessary adjustment work is carried out quickly, and our contact person is both extremely knowledgeable about the product and very service-minded. Our cooperation is very fluent.”