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SKED: Put your assets to work and start earning rental income!

SKED is a new online rental platform for agricultural machinery, facilities and labour. The SKED website lets you see immediately what machines and services are available for rent near you, on what terms and at what price. Anyone can advertise their agricultural machinery and services on the website.

Farmer’s daughter wanted to make it easier to find equipment and earn income from your own investments in machinery

The company’s founder Kristina Sweet got the idea for the new rental service while visiting her family in Canada. “My relatives and friends on their farms were having a hard time easily finding equipment and services to rent or purchase. Few retailers and rental companies offer clear information about availability or prices on their online services. To find the right equipment you had to call many different places. This got me thinking how rentals could be made easier, and so the idea for SKED was born,” Kristina says.

The service not only helps those who need to rent equipment, it also offers a safe way for farmers to rent their idle equipment or extra capacity of storage/barns to supplement. By renting your existing resources when they are idle, you have an ability to generate income or lower your costs. And Kristina is sure that there is plenty of machinery that could be rented in Finland.

“One could say that Finland has even slightly over-invested in machinery and equipment”, Kristina suggests and explains her reasoning: “The average size of farms in Finland is 44 hectares, and each farm has on average 2.9 tractors. By comparison, the average size of farms in Canada is 332 hectares, yet each farm has on average 3.5 tractors. Few machines are needed all year round on your own farm, so you could earn extra income by renting out your equipment to others. It makes sense to fully utilise the machinery, tool and buildings you have invested in. The harvesting season is short, and most farms need machinery at the same time of the year, so it’s understandable that farmers will play it safe with their most important machinery in order to minimise their risks. However, it could make sense to rent out non-essential machinery during farming seasoning and utilizing multipurpose machines in off season. For the owners of this equipment, SKED offers a new customer base beyond farming. For example, tractors could be rented out to transport wood or plow snow in the middle of winter. Renting out yourself as a service, your log splitter or even storage space is a relatively risk-free way of earning extra income,” Kristina says, encouraging people to try the new service. Kristina believes that if you buyring or buildings is a decision that is right for your farm, then it should earn it’s place, that means driving up year round ulitization.

New service ready to try

Browsing and posting a rental ad on SKED is free of charge. SKED charges a 10% commission on the rental price when an item is rented (9% for members of MTK and SLC). SKED is a Finnish startup, and its first major strategic partner was Ramirent, who has selected 170 of its own items to be made available via SKED.

Sysart has served a key development partner for creating SKED’s web solution. Joonas Haaparanta has been the Project Manager and Lead Developer. Co-operation started from the technical evaluation of the service. Development project has included UX designing and front end coding as a React PWA -solution.

“Joonas is such an asset to the team. We are building something that has never been done before. Having a trusted team member with the ability to truly understand what the end goal is and then translate those business ideas into a customer focused solution is remarkable.

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Or contact:

Kristina Sweet
+358 44 303 4203
Twitter: @skedglobal

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